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Our Services  - We provide a wide range of services including:

Consultation - As an experienced manager, you've probably walked into someone else's business and thought to yourself, "This company needs to improve their customer service."  You wonder why their managers can't see what seems obvious to you.

What would an experienced manager from the outside see if he came to your business and studied your operations?   Do you know how your customers really see you?  How do you know?  We can help you see their perspective.  We can also help you see how your internal customers, your employees, see you. You have to start with your employees.  We believe the most basic management principle is:  "Treat your employees the way you want them to treat your customers."

With our years of research in creativity, training in mediation and facilitation, and experience in innovation and creative problem solving, we can work with you to discuss ideas and issues in ways that are energizing and exciting, rather than threatening.  You are our customer, and we promise to work with you to achieve the vision you have for your organization.  You and all your customers will be the winners!  We guarantee it.

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Presentations - We have made hundreds of presentations to both large and small audiences.  We can explain technical and complex material in plain language.  We can use PowerPoint and other computer tools, as appropriate, to enhance and create exciting and memorable presentations.  And we can coach your staff on how to make presentations that will dazzle their audiences!
Facilitation - We have developed facilitation techniques that combine proven processes from mediation training with innovative techniques from creativity research.  We take facilitation to a higher level where everyone not only participates and can be heard, but where the group works together to come up with team products that are new, creative, and that they "own".  Your staff will leave the session energized and feeling they have truly been a part of a team effort.

As trained mediators, we have additional skills to use.  If your group has gotten sidetracked or reached an empasse, we have the skills to work with them to reach agreement and resolve issues in a healthy, productive environment.  You can achieve new levels of creativity and productivity where everyone can speak freely and be heard.  As skilled mediators, if disagreements arise, we have the experience to shift into proven techniques, handle them, resolve them, and achieve constructive, productive results. 

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Keynote Speeches - From serving as Master of Ceremonies for large audiences, to moderating panel discussions, to providing keynote addresses for leadership or motivation, we have experience delivering the messages you want your organization to hear.
In-depth Seminars - We can develop and present seminars and workshops on a variety of topics, whether from one hour to a week, to component sessions spread over weeks or months, depending upon your needs.   Click here for a list of topics.
Mediation - As trained, experienced impartial mediators, we can serve as external resources to negotiate contract issues, personnel complaints or grievances, or any other issue that has reached an emotional level that is preventing the parties from working together effectively.  As mediators, we will work to make sure the problem is clearly defined and understood by all parties.  We work objectively with each party to make sure they have an opportunity to be heard and are active participants in developing potential solutions.  As professional mediators, everything will be confidential.

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Technical Writing - We can train staff how to write clearly and present information in the most usable, readable, and understandable ways.  Or we can write your material for you.  We also edit and rewrite existing material.  We have written and edited thousands of pages of policy, procedures, training, and operating manuals, and we can write for you.  Services available in person, by e-mail, fax, or phone. 
Curriculum Development - We use a structured development process, and include core stages of identifying and assessing training need(s), designing training strategy, developing material, testing, delivering, and evaluating the product.  We will work with you to determine the appropriate training delivery method and materials.

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Conference Planning - Let us plan your conference whether it be for 40 participants or 4000.  We have experience in organizing, planning, and managing large and small events.  Examples include
  • a statewide live Teleconference for over 4000 agency staff featuring a nationally recognized culture change expert
  • a statewide multi-agency conference bringing together diverse groups and organizations for the purpose of community collaboration and partnership building
  • many statewide conferences for hundreds of staff
  • national conferences involving multiple states
Communication Skills - The best athletes have coaches to help them improve their skills.  Since the ability to communicate effectively is one of the key skills of a good leader, why not hire a coach for yourself to help you better deliver your message.  We can coach you and your staff in both your written and oral communications.  Learn how to get your message across and be effective in communicating in all aspects of your life.  History shows that all great leaders have been great communicators.  Let us help you build your communication skills so you can lead more effectively.  Do you have staff that could benefit by being better communicators?   Do you have someone you're trying to cultivate into a leadership role, but they need help in communicating?  We can help.  Services available in person, by e-mail, fax, or phone.

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Project Management - With years of successful management and implementation of major projects, we can
  • provide consultation on projects,
  • teach project management skills to employees, or
  • manage projects for you.

We combine theory with real world experience about what works and what doesn't.  We also can consult on which project tracking tools work best and teach your staff to use them most effectively.         

Phone(512) 689-4778         Fax:  (512) 474-9942

Address:      2204 Bonita, Austin, Texas 78703


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