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Leadership - "Lessons from Great Leaders" brings to life the values and visions of great leaders in history.  But we also take it to the practical level by teaching the steps that these leaders used to build visions on the foundations of their values.

Do you have leaders in your organization or just managers?  Are your staff leading people or just managing things?  The message in "Lessons from Great Leaders" can be delivered as part of a training class for managers or as a motivational keynote speech to urge every member of your organization to become an impassioned leader representing your company.

Do your staff see you as a leader or as a manager?   Servant leadership means your staff see managers as serving them and helping them, rather than viewing employees as servants to meet their needs.  You can't lead without an ego, but you can't achieve greatness without becoming a servant.  Are you willing to accept the challenge of exploring that mystery?  Call us and we'll help you and your managers begin the journey toward becoming a legend in the history of your company, and perhaps even your country.

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Culture Change - Anthropologists have shown that values and beliefs are imbedded in the culture and oral tradition of a group of people who share common culture.  Does your organization's culture reflect the values that you want for your stockholders, your customers, your employees, and for yourself?

If not, we can work with you and your team to begin the process of assessing where you are, deciding what values you want, and identifying steps you can take to begin moving toward your vision.  You can become a hero in your company's folklore.

Communication - All great leaders are great communicators.  What methods do you

And remember, one of the most important elements in communicating is LISTENING.  Do you know what your external customers say about you?  Do you know what your internal customers, your employees, say about you?  We can develop and conduct customer surveys to find out how well you are meeting their needs and whether staff are really listening to customers.  We can also find out if managers are listening to employees. 

See what a difference it can make.  How much would it help your company if customers routinely told other people that you have a reputation as a company that listens to the needs of its customers?

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Achieving Balance - Do you feel as though you've lost a sense of balance in either your personal life or in your business life? Do your employees believe that you expect them to sacrifice their family for you and the company?  Does your family think you put work before them?  Do your customers think you've sacrificed quality to make a cheaper, less durable product?  Do your employees believe that, given a choice, they are expected to choose to do something quickly rather than doing it right?

In sports, art, music, dance, and in business, BALANCE is important.  Seek excellence, and do it with an awareness of how your decisions must be multi-faceted, not just based on one perspective.  We'll show you specific tools and techniques that will enable you to make more comprehensive and balanced decisions and help you avoid the pendulum effect.

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Mind Mapping - Years of research on creativity have yielded many techniques that can help you become more creative.  Mind mapping is one of those techniques that also has applicability in virtually every aspect of your life.   We wouldn't dream of starting a project, planning a speech, taking a trip or any important task without first creating a mind map. These techniques will also help your children in school in their ability to be creative, to learn and to remember.

We can teach you the technique of Mind mapping and show you ways to use it to improve your ability to

  • analyze anything you're doing
  • develop and manage projects
  • prepare and deliver speeches
  • take notes
  • summarize massive amounts of data
  • study and memorize for classes
  • become more organized and creative, and many other uses.

We also use software that allows you to quickly and easily prepare and modify Mind maps. 

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Motivation - Someone once said that you can tell the difference between a young person and an older person by when they are tired.  A older person is tired on Friday evenings and a young person is tired on Monday mornings. 

Some people say you can't motivate staff, but this is not true.  We can help you learn what motivates staff and how you can create an energized, excited staff who look forward to coming to work!

Creativity - Nearly 30 years ago, an idea began to intrigue me.  Obviously the people in history who were recognized as being most creative were geniuses like Beethoven, Einstein, Da Vinci, Monet, among others.  Even if you don't think you're in their class, there are techniques you can learn to become.  Years of research show that it is absolutely possible for you to be more creative.  We can teach you the mental techniques that geniuses use.  We'll give you methods and coach you in practice or real work issues so that you can become proficient in using more of the untapped potential that is available in the human brain.

Research suggests that many people use only 10% of their brain's capacity.  What could your company do if your employees used techniques that could triple or quadruple their creativity?  You can also teach the techniques to your children and help them in school work and in their self-esteem.

In addition, we have developed and can teach you techniques on "How to Be Creative Under Pressure"!

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Creative Problem Solving - Years of research on creativity have shown that what you normally learn in school is problem solving on the magnitude of, "If you have 4 apples and give 2 to Sally, how many do you have left?"   This is indeed problem solving, but it's not creative problem solving.

We can work with your team to develop the concept expressed in Zen as the "Beginner's Mind."  How many times have you found that the people who know the most about a subject are the ones who have the most difficulty or are the most resistant to coming up with creative solutions for problems about that topic?  Sometimes they don't even see the problems because they have become used to them and accept them.

We can teach specific analytical techniques that will energize your team and have them excited as they kick their thinking powers into high gear.  Our efforts can help you ignite sparks of creativity that can flame the fires of passion in your efforts to improve your company.  We can help you with techniques for channeling this energy into productive endeavors.

Encouraging, teaching, and allowing your team to think creatively are steps toward empowering staff to higher levels of involvement and ownership.  Then as their experience and self-esteem grow, success continues to breed success.  Once your staff have experienced the intoxicating thrill of creativity and you have recognized them for their creative efforts, you have begun moving toward becoming the leader of self-actualizing people who take pride and pleasure in their work.   The result is happier, more productive employees.  The end result will be happier, loyal customers who will come back again and again. 

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Administration of Public Programs - We have over 60 years combined experience in administering and managing many different state programs.  

While there are differences in how businesses and government work, we must demand and expect the highest performance, integrity, and outstanding customer service from both. 

Despite all the rules and regulations that agencies work with, there is room for creative solutions, and there is always room for outstanding customer service.  "We the people" should expect the best customer service and the same levels of enthusiasm and leadership from our public officials that the private sector is expected to provide.

Give us a call if you want to join the movement to achieve "excellence in government at all levels."  We'll help you cut through the bureaucratic maze and help you find ways to change your organization from a rules-based mentality to one that focuses on using creativity and judgement.  Are you willing to be a leader in this cause?  Call or email us at  We want to hear from you.  We'd also like to hear from you about stories of extraordinary customer service in government.  By sharing successes, we can inspire others.

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Creating Change & Coping with What You've Created - Inertia is not just a principle that applies to inanimate objects.  We can help you develop a strategy for analyzing and implementing change and managing the process.  Most importantly, we will work with you to involve the team in setting the direction and in determining how to get there. 

We will also help you build a "learning environment" in your company to promote and stimulate creativity.   You can see from the the resulting changes what a self-actualizing team can generate.  We all know that not only is change occurring, but that the pace of change is increasing almost exponentially.  Accept the challenge of helping your staff become effective Change Masters for the future, not just staff who read about what other companies are doing.  We can help!

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Conflict Resolution - Let us show you how to "Turn Conflict into Collaboration".  We provide skills in conflict resolution and a process to use to effectively communicate and reach agreement when conflicts arise.  We can work directly with staff or staff and customers.  We can coach and train your staff how to not only effectively handle conflicts, but more importantly, how to prevent them.

Customer Service - Do your staff know what is good customer service?  Do you know how to motivate staff to provide good customer service?  We can show you how.   Call us.

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